Tuition Centre

Don Bosco Tuition Centre, Thecho

Responding to the need of the neighbourhood, right from the start of the institution, Don Bosco tuition centre for the poor children of the neighbourhood came into existence in the year 2001. Although, the number of students attending the centre were few at the start, with the passage of time, the tuition centre saw a steady growth. Annually about 200 students studying in government nursery classes to class VIII attend the tuition and self-study classes, conducted on a daily basis for about two hours with the help of few local graduate volunteers. The centre conducts extra-curricular programs like the Sports Day, Parent’s Day, Talent Shows, Festivals, Fetes, Overnight camps, Picnics and Personality development sessions from time to time. There is also the provision of educational scholarships, stationery and uniform to the needy students. This holistic approach taken in making the classes more beneficial to the students attract many to the tuition centre.