Our Mission

Empowerment of youth in Nepal through education and vocational training to make themselves reliant and good citizens.


Our Vision

To equip the young with skills and formal training to fit easily into the available job opportunities in the labour market.


The aim of the institute is to mainstream the youth into the formal organized job market through market driven skill development interventions.

Facilitate skill training with theory and practical along with human formation so as to enable them to enter industry as skilled craftsmen and thereby serve their county and fellow men as good and honest citizens.

Assist trainees in skill training to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship, quality consciousness, discipline, and good work habits that guarantee employment.

Undertake, initiate, support, develop, manage, cooperate and promote the advancement of vocational and technical education, training and knowledge so as to develop the talents and excellence, including with appropriate experience and practical training of trainees, staff and management and other persons.

Support the Technical Vocational Education and Training interventions in the region through partnerships and networks with Government and Non-Governmental organizations for knowledge and resource sharing.

Placement of trainees through, on- the- job learning, campus, internships and institute-industry linkages and net- works.