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Nepal Don Bosco School



“Nepal Don Bosco School” has been established and run by Don Bosco Fathers and Brothers, who have been well known for the education of young children all over the world. “Nepal Don Bosco Society” is a part of the “International Don Bosco Society” of the Catholic Church.It is a religious organization with its headquarters based in Rome,
Italy, and under direct governance of the regional headquarters in Kolkata, India.It is a nonpolitical organization; hence, no political affiliation is entertained in its administration and conduct of the school affairs. The school is co-ed, and the medium of instruction is English along with Nepali being a compulsory subject.



Through our Don Bosco system of education, we aim to form in our boys and girls the habits of piety, virtue, discipline, and self-reliance. The school aims to foster in the students the sense of responsibility so that they become dutiful and useful citizens of their motherland,Nepal. Studies are designed to select and prepare students for the S.L.C. examinations of Nepal Board of Education.
Subjects taught include all branches of Nepali and English languages,and Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies of Nepal, General Knowledge, Moral Education, Arts and Crafts, Games and Sports, and other Cultural activities. Counselling opportunities and computer education for students are imparted as part of the curriculum.



  • All clothing should conform to the school uniform requirements as given below:
  • Grey full pants (boys).
  • Grey skirt or pants (girls).
  • White full sleeve shirt.
  • Grey sweater/specified jacket/coat for winter (available in the school).
  • White socks.
  • Plain black leather shoes (without high heels)
  • Tie for high school.
  • Grey belt with Don Bosco buckle (available only in the school).
  • White pant/skirt and white canvas shoes on P.T. days.



    The school year 2012/2013 begins from the month of April (19th April 2012/Baisakh 6, 2069) and continues until Chaitra 2069. We will have five days of classes a week from Monday through Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are holidays. Some Sundays will be working days as mentioned in the monthly calendar. Class timing is from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.Major holidays are given thrice a year, Dashain – Tihar, Winter and an Annual Holiday.Parents should see to it that their child comes to school on time everyday and on the specified day after the holidays.
    Those coming late without sufficient cause and prior information may be fined or dropped from the school roll. At the beginning of the scholastic year, children who do not present themselves within the first three days without information will have their names ticked off from the list. Please make sure that you have at home a school calendar that is prepared for every month which has been incorporated in the school diary as well.



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