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Welding Technician

Welding technician training is designed to produce skilled technicians for the fabrication industries. The major feature of this curriculum and training is to incorporate the drop-out youths who have only primary or secondarylevel schooling experience. This course deals with concept of welding, instruments and their application, various calculations, fabrication drawing interpretation, symbol identification, design and installation of various pattern of welding system, repair and replacement of damaged welding. We intend to make ready, employable Welding technician who could provide welding services in the fabrication industries within the country and abroad.
Eligibility: Class 5
Duration: 6 Months


  • Fitting

  • Filing

  • Cutting

  • Drilling

  • Measuring

  • MMAW(Manual Metal Arc Welding)-Basic Level

  • Welding Hazards Safety & First Aid

  • Basic Welding terms associated with MMAW process.

  • Welding Positions& Techniques.

  • Basics of weld joint fit up and tack welding.

  • Types of Welded Joints, their preparation and fit up.

  • Manual Metal Arc Machines.

  • Manual Metal Arc Electrodes.

  • Weld defects, their causes and how to avoid them.

  • Types of Welding Machines.

  • Types of Welding Currents.

  • Fillet Weld positions for pipe to pipe and plate weld.

  • GTAW(Tungsten Inert Gas Welding)-Advance Level

  • Safety precautions in GTAW.

  • Basic principles forGTAW process.

  • Type of shielding Gas used in GTAW process.

  • Basic Power source and other equipment’s required for GTAWprocess.

  • Different types of tungsten electrodes being used in GTAW process. Preparation of electrodes and applicability.

  • Edge preparation in Pipe and Plates.

  • Setting up and welding techniques of pipes in different positions.

  • Welding Procedure and parameters used for GTAW.

  • Basic Knowledge of Stainless steel materials and filler Wires.

  • Basic Knowledge of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys.

  • Welding techniques, procedure and parameters of welding Aluminum.

  • Filler Wires and shielding gases used in Aluminum.

  • Welding Defects and causes in GTAW.

  • Welding Procedure Specifications.


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