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Office Management

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Project Details
Modern Office Management

In the present day scenario, establishing an office and maintaining it is an art in itself. A sense of professionalism is required in running an office and managing it efficiently. This course intends to train the candidates professionally in various aspects of modern day office management. They are taught to use scientific ways of running and supervising the office’s operations.
Their professional expertise results in an increased productivity and overall efficiency for the whole organization. After the training the students will be prepared to move into such positions as office secretary, Front office managers, professional assistant, sales assistant, marketing assistant and research assistant etc.

Eligibility: Class X
Duration: 1 Year
Medium of instruction: English

Fundamental of computer

  • Introduction

  • Input / Output & Processing (CPU)

  • Memory Device

  • Types of computers

  • Characteristics of Computer

  • History & Generation

  • Applications of Computer

  • Office Package:-

  • Microsoft word 2010

  • Microsoft power point 2010

  • Microsoft excel 2010

  • Publisher 2010

  • Operating System (Windows 7 Overviews):-

  • Some Basic Terminology & Typing Skills

  • Desktop Settings & Control Panel

  • Paint

  • WordPad
  • Accessories & Multimedia

    E-mail & Internet:-

  • Introduction

  • E-mail Account & Its Functions

  • Search Engine

  • Basic of Social Network Site

  • Desktop Publishing:-

  • Photoshop CS3

  • Corel Draw

  • Macromedia Freehand

  • Concept of Accounting:-

  • Introduction to accounting

  • Conceptual Frame Work of Accounting

  • Basic Accounting Procedures – I

  • Double entry system of book- keeping

  • Basic Accounting Procedures II – Journal

  • Basic Accounting Procedures III – Ledger

  • Subsidiary Books I – Special Purpose Book

  • Subsidiary Books II – Cash Book

  • Bank Reconciliation Statement

  • Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors

  • Capital and Revenue Transactions

  • Final Accounts

  • Office Management:-

  • Modern Office

  • Office management

  • Office organization

  • Office Accommodation and layout

  • Office environment

  • Secretarial practice:-

  • Secretary of Local Body

  • Secretary of an Education Institute

  • Secretary of a College

  • Secretary of University

  • Company Secretary

  • Private Secretary

  • Filing system

  • Form and Arrangement of the Letter Displaying the Latter

  • Office Management:-

  • Correspondence and mail

  • Record administration

  • Office stationary and forms

  • Office Communication

  • Personnel Management

  • Office Service

  • Office Supervision

  • Collection of data

  • Presentation data

  • Office Report


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