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DON BOSCO INSTITUTE THECHO was established in 2001, in response to the need of employment oriented skill training for the young people of Nepal. The aim of the institute is to provide the young with a vocational training to prepare them to face life with a skill that will match the needs of the time. The courses are designed to give the greatest opportunity to those who have the least due to economic or social backwardness.
Great emphasis laid on the practical training in hard skills as well as life coping skills, so that they can be gainfully employed in shortest period of time. Towards achieving this aim THE METHODOLOGY of Don Bosco, “Father and Educator of youth” is adapted with the person of the trainee being made the centre of all activities.

The aim of the Institute is to provide YOUTH with quality Vocational Training in relevant trades. The training is Job-Oriented with extra stress on Practical Training in well set-up Workshops. Since the aim of the Institute is to benefit youth from any and every strata of life, it offers courses to suit any aptitude and level of educational qualification keeping pace with the demands of the job market.


  • Admission is open to BOYS and GIRLS having minimum Academic Qualification required for the particular Trade.
  • Applicants may be called for interview or test as deemed necessary. Admission is entirely at the discretion of the Management.
  • Parent/Guardian together with the Trainee is required to sign an agreement that his/her ward would abide by the Rules of the Institute. The Parent/Guardian, who is responsible for the Trainee must introduce him/her to the Principal.
  • At the time of admission, Admission Fee and Training Fee for the full course will have to be deposited. This amount is Non-Refundable.
  • There is no prescribed Uniform for Trainees. All are expected to be properly and decently dressed.

  • Special attention is given to high standard of Morality and Discipline. Parents and Guardians are requested to collaborate with the
  • Irregular Attendance, Habitual Idleness, Habitual Unsatisfactory Work, Disobedience, Disrespect towards Teachers and Unbecoming Conduct (in or outside the Institute) will render a Trainee liable to be DISMISSED at any time. In this matter THE PRINCIPAL’S DECISION IS FINAL.
  • Trainees are expected to take part in all the activities of the Institute.
  • Use of Tobacco products or any Intoxicating Substance is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Trainees are responsible for safe custody of Books and Belongings.
  • Any DAMAGE or LOSS of the property of the Institute must be made good by the Trainee concerned.
  • Every precaution is taken to avoid ACCIDENTS. Institution will not be responsible for any INJURY to the Trainee in case of any accident. If necessary hospitalization may be done even before Parent/Guardian can be informed.
  • No OBJECTIONABLE LITERATURE should be brought to the Institute.
  • Every Trainee should have STUDENT IDENTITY CARD and INSTITUTE DIARY and bring them daily to class.

  • In case of absence, the reason should be written in the Institute Diary and duly signed by the Parent/Guardian and counter-signed by the Principal before entering the Class/Workshop.
    Late-comers too will have their Diaries countersigned by Principal, before entering Class/ Work-shop.
  • Parent/Guardian should sign Progress Reports regularly
  • Trainees, who do not have at least 85% Attendance, may not be allowed to appear for Final Examination.
    Students performance is monitored daily and marks obtained will be considered for the Final Result.
    ASSESSMENTS are conducted MONTHLY and GROSS MARKS obtained will be considered for the FINAL RESULT

    Sunday to Friday … 09.00 am to 05.00 PM


  • Hostel Accommodation is available in well-furnished Hostel, for Boys.
  • The Trainees themselves manage the Mess and share the Expenses.
  • The Trainees also see to the cleanliness of the Hostels and premises.
  • Admission to the Hostels is granted only on condition that the Trainee is willing to abide by the Rules & Regulations of the hostel and directives of the management.
  • If a Trainee’s behavior is found to be detrimental to other inmates, he may be asked to leave the Hostel at any time. In this matter, the decision of the Director of the Institute is final.

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