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Electrical Technician


Project Details
Diploma in Electrical Technician

The Course is designed for the trainees, who want to enter the electrical trade with the knowledge and skills at a basic Level to continue with any stream to higher qualification in the Electrical sector.(House Wiring, Home Appliances service and repair, electrical machines, electronics and so on)Emphasis is set on basic expertise and skills as a foundation for higher specialized competencies of the trade field.The course provides the learner especially with the necessary knowledge
Eligibility: Class V
and skills in mechanical and electrical measurement,use of hand- and handheld power tools, soldering, electrical fundamentals including basic House and Industrial wiring and accessory connecting.
It is designed in such a way, that the trainee may find already employment mainly in the electrical small scale industry or in the case of being unemployed to earn some money as self-employed in the informal sector.

Duration: 1 Year

Basic Electronics

  • Definitions & its types

  • Colour Codes & Unit

  • Application

  • Series & Parallel network

  • Ohms Law and

  • Testing with meter.


  • Definition & its types

  • Application

  • Series & Parallel network and

  • Testing with meter


  • Definition

  • Types & Units

  • Application & testing with meter


  • Definition

  • Types & its action

  • Turns ratio

  • Electromagnetic induction

  • Application

  • Testing with meter


  • Definition

  • Forward & Reverse biase

  • Rectification & detection system

  • Application

  • Testing with meter


  • Definition & types

  • Application

  • Transistor biasing

  • Amplification circuit

  • Fault Finding

  • Testing with meter

Loud Speaker:

  • Definition & types

  • Application

  • Testing with meter


  • Definition & types

  • Application

  • Testing with meter


  • Analog & Digital

  • Concept of Voltmeter, Ammeter, Ohmmeter and AC/DC Measurements

  • Application, Voltage/ Current/ Resistance scale


  • Its types

  • Application

  • Testing with meter

Basic Wiring

  • Electronics choke & CFL assembling

  • Transformer winding

  • Armature winding

  • Rewinding of AC/DC Motor

  • Repair of electrical power tools

  • Maintenance of batteries

Industrial wiring:

  • Basic house wiring

  • Crimping & crimping tools

  • Simple parallel & Series circuit

  • DC and testing the polarity

  • AC and Identifying the phase

  • Joints in electrical conductor:

  • Diagram & system used in domestic wiring installation

  • Domestic house wiring

  • Godown wiring

  • Staircase wiring

  • Earthing: – its types & earthing domestic installation

  • IE rules for energy meter installation

Home Appliances:

  • Mixer, Grinder/ Blender

  • Micro-Oven

  • Toster, Room heater

  • Washing machine

  • Fan/AC

  • Rice cooker

  • Electrical kettle

  • Iron


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